It’s Only Farewell For Now

I find it amazing how fast time can go by. It just seems like yesterday that my host dad and two host brothers picked me up at the airport, and later falling asleep at the Biergarten after staying awake for 30 hours. And now after 10 months, I am finally back home in the US.
Leaving Germany and saying farewell was very difficult for me. Being able to go to Germany was a dream come true to me. I was able to really learn and immerse myself in the German culture, meet a lot of new amazing people and make great friendships, travel around to many German cities and European countries, and become a member of a new family.
I’ve also grown a lot as a person in the last 10 months. I’ve become more independent, strong, and open to others. I’ve been able to open my heart to strangers and laugh with them and learn not to take life so seriously. I’m so thankful to have one of the best families an exchange student could have, and made memories that will stay in my heart forever.
Saying goodbye is always one of the hardest thing to say for me. The last few days were full of tears for me, but it’s only farewell for now. All good things must come to an end, and I know we’ll see each other again in the future.


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